About Us

The Iranology foundation was founded in 1997 to create a center for students and professors who share a deep interest in Iran and its rich history and culture. The foundation seeks to give people worldwide a comprehensive notion of the Iranian civilization and is willing to cooperate with foreign Iranologists in this regard. The department of International Scientific Cooperation is the one responsible for identifying talented individuals and institutions that would like to study and observe the beauties and sophistications of Iran up close. Here, Iran is front and center; therefore, anyone eligible can get a chance to delve deeply into the numerous aspects of this astonishing country. We make sure to accompany you every step of this fulfilling and unforgettable journey.

Our Mission & Activities

The Department of International Scientific Cooperation provides a number of opportunities for institutions and scholars active in the field of Iranian Studies. Entities can form connections with the Iranology Foundation in order to create a better ground for their scientific and research-based activities. Below are some of the missions and goals of this department:

  • Establishing and strengthening relations with universities, institutions, and scientific centers across the world
  • Identifying and building connections with Iranian and non-Iranian individuals who actively conduct research about Iran
  • Creating and updating relevant data banks
  • Exchanging professors and researchers with foreign universities.
  • Providing necessary facilities for the short-term residence of researchers in Iran.
  • Boarding international students for postgraduate programs (MA/PhD) of the Iranology Foundation
  • Holding conferences, seminars, and international scientific meetings with Iranian and non-Iranian professors.
  • Signing MOUs with domestic and foreign scientific institutions.
  • Holding short-term courses on various topics in Iranian Studies.
  • Planning weekly visits to cultural and historical sites for international students and delegations.

Vice President

Our Vice President, Dr. Iman Nezamzadeh

  • 0098 021 88608788

  • isc@iranology.ir

  • 4'th Floor, Iranology Foundation, Iranshenasi St., South Sheikh Bahayi St., Tehran, Iran. PO: 1437835859

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