Newsletter 17

Iranology Foundation Staff Visit Ayatullah Professor Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei on the Occasion of Nowruz

On 3 April 2017, the staff of the Iranology Foundation, while visiting Professor Ayatullah Khamenei, President of the Foundation, benefitted from his guidelines and recommendations for the New Year. During this visit, the President of the Foundation extended his congratulations to the staff on the arrival of spring and renewal of nature. He emphasized, “What God has created as nature for us entails some natural blessings and hardships. I hope that you enjoy the best features of this natural system in the New Year and be safe from its hardships, pains, and calamities.

Newsletter 17

He also added that God has left a connecting tool, called “Wisdom”, with the world of being in trust with each human being’s existence and advised that, in line with the rules dominating the universe, all people should direct their attention to religion, which is the same human primordial nature (Fitrah) and link with the whole world. Professor Ayatullah Khamenei finished his words by asking the attending staff to perform their assigned responsibilities and duties with a new approach so that one could witness renewal and change in all affairs of the Foundation.

Newsletter 17

Holding the Conference of the Comparative Chronology of Iran and the World

In order to introduce the place and cultural role of Iran in the frontier of the components of the growth of human societies, the Iranology Foundation will hold the Conference of the “Comparative Chronology of Iran and the World: From Paleolithic Era to the End of Iron Age” on 1 May 2017. It is noted that the “Table of the Comparative chronology of Iran and the World” will be unveiled in this event.

Newsletter 17

Holding the Exhibition of the Selected Photos of the 6th Photo Festival of the Iranology Foundation in Arasbaran Culture House

Newsletter 17

The Exhibition of the Selected Photos of the 6th Photo Festival of the Iranology Foundation on the theme of “Manifestations of Iranian Culture and Art” began on 9 April 2017 and was continued for 10 days. The opening ceremony of this Exhibition was held with presence of Dr. Alizadeh, Information and International Affairs Deputy of the Iranology Foundation; Dr. Mohsen Soleymani, President of Arasbaran Cultural House, and a number of lovers of the art of photography and the field of Iranology.

It is noted that in February 2017, 5061 photos by 734 photographers were sent to the Secretariat of the 6th Iranology Photo Festival. From among them, 3290 photos were entered in the professional category and 1771 in the amateur category. Finally, 90 photos by 72 photographers, including 77 photos in the professional category and 13 in the amateur category, were chosen to be displayed in the Iranology Photo Festival Exhibition.

Ceremony of “Welcome Spring” Poem Recitation in Belgrade

The “Welcome Spring” Poem Recitation Program was held on 5 April 2017 in Serbia with presence of Persian Language students of the Foreign Languages School of Belgrade with the cooperation of the Cultural Center of Iran in Serbia.

The program began with some words introducing the Iranian culture, nature, and lifestyle. Then the Iranian Cultural Council spoke about the Nowruz ceremony in Iran and Persian poems on spring. Next, the students recited some Persian poems about spring by prominent Iranian poets and translated them. The program ended giving each of the language learners a copy of the book Blue but of a Purplish Tone (A Collection of Stories) by Mehdi Shojaei in Serbian.

Holding Nowruz in some Countries


This ceremony, which was held by the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran, hosted the Iranian diplomats and their families stationed in Rome, some Iranian residents in Italy, and a number of Italians interested in this ancient feast, including Professor Adriano Rossi, the distinguished master of Iranology.

Saint Petersburg

On the occasion of the New Year on 20 March 2017, the Nowruz Feast was held by the Russian Iranian Friendship Society with the cooperation of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Saint Petersburg. A great number of Iranians and Russians interested in Iran and Iranian culture participated in this event.

At the beginning of this ceremony, a video clip of some of the natural and cultural attractions of Iran were shown to the participants. Then some of the authorities delivered speeches on the importance of Nowruz and the related traditions. Next, the university students of Iranian languages recited some Persian poems and, finally, one of the researchers of the Russian Ethnography Museum provided some explanations about Nowruz customs and Russians’ initial familiarity with this Iranian Feast for the participants.


The Cultural center of Iran in Almaty held the Iranian Nowruz Festival entitled “Happy Colors of Nowruz” in this city with the cooperation of the National Museum of Kazakhstan. The esteemed ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Almaty and some of the Iranian residents in Kazakhstan, university professors, university students, artists, and authorities of Almaty attended this event.

Seminar of Iranian Studies (Annual Meeting of Iranologists in Japan)

The Scientific Seminar of Iranian Studies, which is held annually at the end of March at one of the universities of Japan, was held on 25-26 March 2017 at Daito Bunka University. Following the tradition of Professor Katsufuji Takeshi, former Osaka University Foreign Studies Professor and the founder of this Seminar, in addition to delivering scientific speeches, each of the participants presented a report of their scientific activities during the previous year. This Seminar will be held in 2018 at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.

Newsletter 17

Traditional music of Kermanshah-Iran

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