Introducing the Deputy Office

In today’s world, international communication is of great importance to societies pursuing greater development. Undoubtedly, the more extensive the communications in a society are, the greater the chance of creating and accessing data, sciences, and technologies will be there.

The prime purpose of the Iranology Foundation is to establish extensive communication links worldwide and exploit them to introduce the Iranian civilization, culture, and thoughts to the whole world. The Information and International Affairs Deputy Office of the Iranology Foundation is responsible for paving the way for achieving this purpose.

The Information and International Affairs Office is presently trying to learn more about the Iranologists, researchers, and scientific centers working in the related fields all over the world in different ways, such as cooperating with the cultural councils of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Accordingly, through establishing a data bank for Iranian and non-Iranian Iranologists, researchers, and scientific institutes as well as taking the necessary steps to provide the facilities for the short-term stay of Iranologist researchers in Iran, this Office has made it possible to establish some cooperative relationships with some Iranology masters and researchers in in some countries.

Among the other measures taken to attain the purpose stated above are participating in international conferences and meetings, holding photo festivals, holding scientific speeches by Iranian and non-Iranian professors, and signing cooperation agreements with different academic centers. It is hoped that such endeavors can pave the way for the scientific and cultural promotion of our Islamic country and grant it a place in the world which it truly deserves.

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