Holding Conferences and Meetings

In order to establish communication among researchers in the field of Iranology and create a center for presenting the latest achievements in this regard, the holding of scientific conferences and meetings is on the agenda of the Information and International Affairs Deputy Office of the Iranology Foundation.

So far, several conferences have been held on the themes of Iranology and the Persian Gulf and a number of professors and authorities in related fields have spoken in these events. From among the other activities of this Office, reference can be made to holding some scientific meetings, such as the Iranology Meeting in China with Professor Adelkhani as the speaker, History of Iranology with Professor Naser Takmil Homayoun as the speaker, Islamic Architecture in the 19th Century with Professor Marcus Ritter from Vienna University as the speaker, etc.

It is necessary to mention that an archive has been developed in the Information Unit in order to collect and preserve the reports on the conferences and meetings in relation to Iranology which are held by other academic centers and organizations. Two examples of the available reports in this archive are on “Iranology Conference” in France and “Persian and Spanish Modern Poetry Conference” in Spain.

Holding Photo Festivals

Since 2011, the Iranology Foundation has been holding an annual photo festival on different themes. The previous festivals were held on the following topics: “Culture, Nature, and Historical Monuments” in 2011, “Iranian Architecture before and after Islam” in 2012, “Flora and Fauna of the Persian Gulf” in 2013, “Historical and Cultural works of Iran” in 2014, and “Cultural, Historical, and Natural Attractions of Iran” in 2015.

Launching and Updating Data Banks

The data banks created by the Information and International Affairs Deputy Office of the Iranology Foundation include the Luminaries Data Bank, National Data Bank, Data Bank of National Iranology Centers and Institutes, Data Bank of International Iranology Centers and Institutes, Data Bank of Iranian and Non-Iranian Iranologists, and Data Bank of the Iranology Society. The data of these banks, which are continually being completed and updated, are available to the public on the official website of the Iranology Foundation.

Establishing Relationships with Iranian and Non-Iranian Iranologists

In order to create some academic interactions between the Iranology Foundation and the scholars who work in the field of Iranology and the related sciences and to establish some relationships with Institutes which are, in some way, active in the realm of Iranology, the Information and International Affairs Deputy Office of the Foundation aims to learn more about the Iranology masters, researchers, and professors inside and outside Iran. Presently, the Foundation is trying to achieve this goal with the cooperation of Iranian scientific Institutes and centers and the cultural councils of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different countries.

After identifying and locating such figures, the Office intends to correspond with them and invite them to participate in some conferences and meetings in Iran. In this way, it will be possible to collect some valuable news and data regarding Iranology-centered activities performed in other countries.

Exchanging University Professors and Students with Universities Overseas

In order to promote the scientific knowledge of Iranology students, this Deputy Office intends to launch some instructional courses for Iranian and non-Iranian students. At the time being, the Office is trying to provide the necessary facilities for holding such courses.

Signing Agreements with National and International Scientific Institutes

In order to expand and optimize the activities of the Iranology Foundation, this Office has signed some agreements with various academic institutes including the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (Iran), Yunnan University (China), Payam-e Nour University (Iran), Tehran University (Iran), and La Sapienza University (Italy).

Publication of E-Newsletter

In order to expand the knowledge of Iranian and non-Iranian people in the field of Iranology and familiarize others with the related activities inside and outside Iran, this Office publishes the E-Newsletter of the Iranology Foundation. So far, 11 issues of this Newsletter have been published in both Persian and English. Given the interest of Russian Iranologists in the content of this newsletter and based on their own suggestion, it will be published in Russian in the near future.

Presently, the E-Newsletter of the Iranology Foundation is sent to the Iranian and foreign members of the Iranology Society, the members of the Board of Trustees of the Iranology Foundation, the cultural centers of Iran in different countries, the branches of the Iranology Foundation all over the world, and some Iranian organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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